I was at a charity fundraiser and part of the fun was s silent auction. On a lark, I bid on something that was a step out of the comfort zone. I remember beginning to read the fine details of the prize, but stopped once I learned it was a group rowing lesson. I didn’t want to risk finding reasons to pass it up.

As I was leaving a friend called out, “Nina, I think you won something. Yes,you won a rowing class for you and 10 friends! I laughed, I smiled and then immediately began inviting people to join me. The class was at an indoor rowing center and I wondered whether it would agree with my body.

Guess what - it did, I loved it and I would do it again. It was a great anchor for a day trip in the area.

Many thanks to Power 10 Indoor Rowing Center in Avon, CT for their charitable donation, for freely sharing their expertise, their hospitality and for a great indoor rowing experience!